既に末延弘子さんによって邦訳されているレーナ・クルーン著『タイナロン』(Tainaron, 1985, 邦訳2000)がこの度英語に訳されました。英語のタイトルは『Tainaron - mail from antoher city』です。

直ぐにアメリカの書評で取り上げられ絶賛されています。その中からアメリカ人作家Jeff VanderMeerさんによる書評を 下記します。

LEENA KROHN'S TAINARON--Brilliant Work: Buy Immediately

I recently read Leena Krohn's Tainaron, a brilliant short novel in the form of a series of letters home from an anonymous narrator visiting a city populated by intelligent, human-sized insects. It's Kafkaesque territory, although Krohn's vision is somehow more emotional and evocative than most of Kafka. The understated quality of the letters, coupled with the ingenious evocation of insect life and the symbolic, resonant nature of the images in the novel makes for a mind-altering experience. I've re-read Tainaron four times now, and have taken something different from it each time. I just flat-out love this novel.

Friday, January 28, 2005
Jeff VanderMeer

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